What Makes Us Unique

We take the time to get to know our patients

Every patient is different so we take time to understand their concerns and are always happy and available to answer questions.

Modern techniques in a small-town, personal atmosphere

Although we offer the latest in orthodontic treatment techniques, we still maintain a small town, family-friendly, and personal atmosphere. We recognize that every patient is a unique individual and we strive to provide a warm and friendly environment in which each patient feels welcomed and respected. Our goal is to provide you with same quality of care, attention to detail, and compassion we would give a member of our own family.

Less radiation and faster communication with digital X-rays

Our in-office state of the art digital X-ray system emits significantly less radiation than traditional film-based systems, improving patient safety. And because digital X-rays images are created instantly, this saves time for both our team and you!

The digital images can be easily shared, which allows for faster and easier communication between your dentist and us. As with all your medical information, we take every precaution to ensure that your records remain protected and secure.

Hospital-grade sterilization equipment and protocols

We use state-of-the-art hospital-grade sterilization equipment to ensure thorough cleansing and effective sterilization of our instruments. Vented stainless steel cassettes are used to keep our instruments organized and secure during the sterilization process while also reducing direct handling of potentially contaminated instruments and therefore decreasing the risk of exposure to infectious materials.

Other individual items such as photographic mirrors are sealed in pouches. The pouches have special chemical process indicator strips that change color when exposed to steam sterilization to provide sterility assurance without the need to perforate the pack.

Prepared and packaged instruments are loaded into a hospital-grade sterilizer that combines high temperature and pressurized steam for effective and efficient sterilization. Instruments come out of the sterilizer completely dry, and remain sterile and sealed in their pouches right up until the moment they are used to treat you.