Appointment Protocol for Children

Before Your Child's Appointment

1. Check your child's appliances and inform us if there is anything broken that needs to be reattached. Reattaching appliances produces aerosols which for which additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and extra time will be needed. Call our office to explain what is broken so that we can reschedule your child appropriately. If your child shows up for their appointment without prior notice of the broken appliance, then we will try to make them comfortable but will need to reschedule them for a different time to rebond the broken appliance.
2. Pleaes have your child should brush and floss their teeth at home. For patient safety, our tooth brushing station has now been converted to a hand washing sink.
3. Please make sure that your child does not consume anything hot or cold 15 minutes prior to their appointment as it may affect their temperature recording. Also, your child should not take any fever reducing medications 6 hours prior to your appointment. Their appointment will be rescheduled if they have a fever.
4. We will be asking you the following health screening questions regarding your child. If you think that you will answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you should give us a call prior to your child's appointment to discuss the specifics.
5. Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your child's appointment. When you arrive in the parking lot, please give us a call at 925-551-8765 from your car and we'll ask you the health screening questions. We'll then let you know when it is okay to let your child come into the office. If you have questions about your child's treatment, please let us know at this time. We will relay your question to Dr. Hsieh and either she or a staff member will call you back with a response during or at the close of the appointment.
6. Please wait in your car during your child's appointment. Only patients are allowed inside at this time. As soon as we are able to, we will call you to schedule your child's next appointment and also give you an update on what was done at the appointment as well as answer any questions about the procedure.
7. Please make sure that your child wears a face covering or mask to their appointment. They will need to keep it on at all times while inside the office, unless we are working inside their mouth.
8. Please bring an extra jacket or sweater for your child to wear inside the office during their appointment. The office temperature will be kept cooler than normal to keep our staff comfortable as they will be wearing additional PPE.

During Your Child's Appointment

1. Your child will first check in at our medical screening station where their temperature will be taken.
2. Your child will probably notice that we have removed all of the magazines and toys since they are difficult to clean and disinfect.
3. Your child will then sanitize their hands or use the sink to wash their hands.
4. Your child will then be seated in their chair and take off their mask when we start working on them.
5. When we are done, your child will put on their face mask and wash their hands if they placed them in their mouths at any point during the appointment.
6. We will call you to schedule your child's next appointment and provide any relevant updates from Dr. Hsieh.